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poniedziałek, 20 sierpień 2007

O nie robieniu zdjęć

I remember seeing, in about 1919, an exciting vista from Baker Beach: a mass of dark cliffs gathering above the shore with a small segment of the ocean horizon beyond. The cliffs were clearly segmented into strong planar areas of light. I had no camera but my eye, and no reference to time but the slow passage of sun. The scene has remained brilliantly fixed in my mind. I often returned with my camera in a futile search for that elusive experience with hopes for a moment that would justify a photograph. It has taken me lifetime to recognize when I should not feel obligated to make a photograph. If I do not "see" an image in terms of the subject and its creative potential at the time, I no longer contest my instincts. I am certain that another photographer's eye might perceive wonders in the scenes that evaded me.
Ansel Adams - "An Autobiography"
Zdjęcie: Hiddensee, Lipiec 2007


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Zbigniew Jerzak pisze...

Errata: Zdjęcie zrobione zostało w Altcoschütz.

27 sierpień 2007 15:57  

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