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wtorek, 11 września 2007

O f.64

Fascinating material to work with, the maguey, the organ cactus in their stark severity; not easy to isolate however, and so, after two hours wrestling with my problem, the boy suggested fresh pulque which idea appealed. Five centavos worth each and we were refreshed with this agreeable mild intoxicant. So I once more attacked the maguey to honor the plant from which is fermented pulque, the plant and beverage so typical of this plateau.
Sharper and sharper I stopped down my lens, the limit of my diaphragm, f.32, was not enough so I cut a smaller hole from black paper. How ridiculous a "soft focus" in this country of brilliant light, of clean cut lines and outlines, - of course, I should add, how ridiculous the "diffused" lens in any country!

Edward Weston - "The Daybooks of Edward Weston"
Zdjęcie: Berlin, Styczeń 2007


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